Monday, May 7, 2007

Jim Gilmore: Still Pro-Abortion at the GOP Debate

Last Thursday's debate told us one thing about Jim Gilmore: The guy is utterly hopeless and confused on whether or not the government should protect innocent human life. Jim Gilmore continues to be anti-embryonic research, but supports abortion in the first trimester. Can somebody please explain to me what sense this makes? I know the last times I have attacked Gilmore on this blog, all 3 of his "supporters" (aka staff) come on to defend him... So if you all could please explain this, I'd really appreciate it.

I also love how all Gilmore talks about is the Car Tax, which we're still paying in Virginia, FYI.

National Review's John Podhoretz said it best:

What on God's Good Earth... Jim Gilmore talking about? He may just have delivered the worst debate answer I've ever heard.