Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Defending the Freedom and Dignity of the World's Vulnerable

PR Release Today by the John McCain Catholic Coalition:


Topline Messaging Points:

· As President, John McCain will act to defend the freedom and dignity of the world's vulnerable. He will promote religious freedom, combat human trafficking and protect women and children.

· John McCain believes that these issues demand presidential leadership. It will take determined leadership to promote these basic freedoms and combat evils that seek to strip others of their basic human dignity.

· Freedom confers responsibilities and John McCain believes we must be diligent in supporting human freedom and opposing those who would strip others of their dignity.

Promoting Religious Freedom:

· John McCain will make respect for religious freedom a priority in our international relations. There is no right more fundamental to a free society than the free practice of religion.

· As President, John McCain will make promoting religious freedom a subject of great importance for the United States in our relations with other countries.

Combating Human Trafficking:

· John McCain will enhance our efforts to combat human trafficking and provide aid and compassion for victims. Human trafficking – slavery by another name – persists throughout the world and the United States. This crime demands strong presidential leadership.

· John McCain will establish an Inter-Agency Task Force on Human Trafficking to increase cooperation and communication between all government agencies. The Task Force will focus exclusively on prosecuting human traffickers and rescuing victims by strengthening cooperation and coordination across all levels of government.

· John McCain will act to ensure that other governments crack down on human trafficking. We must also identify and destroy criminal networks engaging in human trafficking.

Encouraging Other Cultures To Abandon Practices That Afflict Women And Children:

· John McCain will act to encourage and coax other cultures into abandoning practices that afflict women and children. This includes practices that mutilate bodies and impose marriage before maturity and without informed consent.

· As President, John McCain will insist that our diplomacy actively raise and discourage customs that degrade and physically threaten people.

Protecting Children:

· John McCain will use every means at our country's disposal to protect children from those who would use the Internet to commit harm.

· Recent years have seen an explosion in the proliferation of child pornography and child sexual exploitation cases involving the use of the Internet and email as a means for predators to stalk and lure children.

· As President, John McCain will clear obstacles between federal agencies and their state and local counterparts to ensure maximum cooperation in pursuing and prosecuting child predators.

· John McCain will elevate the importance of international cooperation to ensure that criminals who traffic in images of child abuse find no haven in other countries.

· John McCain has called for requiring convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail and instant message addresses with the Department of Justice's national offender registry.

· John McCain has a record of working aggressively to promote the safe use of the Internet and crafting legislation to ensure that children are secure.